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When we explore our life experiences through art, we can learn to locate, examine, and understand our inner worlds. With this understanding we can then analyze the traumas that inhibit us from our best lives in the outer world.  Start your internal exploration with the "Meet Your Monsters Workbook"

To begin exploring your inner world, purchase your workbook now.


Inside every one of us exists struggles, fears, anxieties, traumas, and beliefs. If left unacknowledged and unexpressed these conditions will cause us difficulty and hardship throughout our lives. Unless these issues are resolved they will be passed down to our children and communities.  "Meet Your Monsters" is a 60 page coloring book and self assessment which uses prompts to inspire contemplation while working through an art project.


Obtain your workbook now to begin your contemplative journey.


By obtaining tools and gaining confidence to explore our inner worlds we can confront the parts of ourselves which we keep hidden. Through exploration of inner conflict or outward negative behavior, we can learn to heal and integrate these parts of ourselves to better serve us. In this way, we become more capable individuals and valuable members of our communities. When we truly learn to embrace our flaws and learn the lessons which they teach us we become almost unstoppable in the pursuits of achieving our highest potentials. 

Purchase your workbook now to get started on your journey of creative introspection

Matte Refic

I have been exploring the depths of the mind personally and in group settings for many years. When meet your monsters was first published the primary place where it was implemented and researched was in the most highly secured prison in the US where I am also a teacher. Through years of working with individuals who committed extreme acts of violence, I have gained a very clear understanding of what causes our "Monsters" to act up and lash out. By using 'Meet Your Monster" you will be given access to a tool of self discovery which will give you greater insight into the causes of the struggles which you face. Get your copies today and begin the journey. 

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