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Guidance through the  depths of the mind and spirit through introspection and creativity.

  • escape mental prisons

  • overcome fears

  • achieve your highest potential

Demons take many forms, and the darkness exists throughout. Our deepest fears, anxieties, depression, anger, insecurity, and lack of love binds us until we decide to take action and overcome the barriers which are inhibiting our potentials. 

Facing our fears guides the way through the DEPTHS. When we are able to discover what we keep in the dark, we can overcome the anxiety, depression, anger, low self esteem and so many other problems we encounter. By confronting these demons; we gain strength, develop confidence, and realize our value. 

I know all too well what the journey through the darkness feels like, what it looks like, and how hard it can be. Depression, anxiety, low self esteem, drug addiction, and general destructive habits debilitated me through my childhood and into my adult life. Through creative expression and introspection I began to understand that these problems could be overcome. This marked the beginning my journey of discovering and collecting the tools to overcome my own darkness, confronting my own demons. One experience after another lead me to seeking and discovering tools, techniques, and pathways that could overcome the darkness. For the past two decades I have been exploring this realm and gathering the best tools for ascending to the DEPTHS of the Darkness. These tools have been tested and perfected in maximum security mental health facilities and through the prison system where they were tested most extensively in the most highly secured prison in the US. These techniques have withstood the ultimate test and are now available to you.

Buy the manuals, guides, and courses

Explore what materials will best serve your immediate needs to prepare to go into the DEPTHS

Obtain the tools for the journey

With our new tools we can be prepared to descend in the depths

Overcome the darkness

When we overcome darkness we can be free from the prisons of our minds and be capable of achieving our highest potentials.

Integrating our higher selves and reaching our highest potentials is the path to obtaining higher levels of consciousness. In order to achieve our goals, realize our desires, to fulfill our destinies, and complete our lives work, we need to acquire the tools and skills to face our biggest challenges. When we lack the necessary understanding, we get trapped in a cycle and stuck on one challenge or level. This can be the most frustrating and discouraging circumstance in life. While this is part of every journey, it should not be that which stops our growth. This is why for over 20 years Matte Refic has gathered tools for descending and tested them in the most extreme of situations. Through exploring the various workbooks, courses, and manuals in the Depths, we can obtain the skills necessary to overcome the challenges, to see through the darkness. Enter the DEPTHS now and begin your descent and journey of overcoming your dark overlord now. The cycle will continue and you will be faced with the same lessons over and over until we choose a new path, a new way and move through the darkness and past our fears. 

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