Community art projects are an effective way to give collective representation to a location and also develop teamwork. When we come together, share ideas and visions, we can construct harmonious environments and create as a team. Communal art projects include interior and exterior art projects. The projects can be murals, drawings, sculptures, improvised and planned performances and wide variety in between. 


Art in public and communal spaces has the ability to transform communities by directing the appearance of any given environment. When these communal works of art are created they represent a multitude of perspectives and a collective expression is developed bringing a more broad and inclusive creation to form. Through participatory art projects a sense of team is developed by the participants and sense of pride in the work of art itself is a result. With no one person to be credited with the creation of the artwork, the artwork becomes a powerful symbol of what can be accomplished when we come together and create collectively.


Matte Refic has been facilitating community art projects as a means to enhance communities, share ideas, create relationships, find commonalities, and at times even help alleviate traumas within these environments.


Participatory art projects have been facilitated by Matte Refic in environments ranging from inner city and rural communities, elementary, middle, and high schools, universities, mental health facilities, as well as prisons at all levels of security. 


Matte has received numerous grants to create these projects within communities and been hired to facilitate group projects by businesses to facilitate teamwork and skill building. 


If you are interested in working with Matte Refic to create a communal work of art please contact them with any questions, comments or inquiries. 

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