Matte Refic is a multi disciplinary artist whose work focuses on the exploration, transformation, and integration of trauma through exploring the depths of the human condition and expressing these concepts into works of art and creative healing methods. 


With over 30 years of art making experience Matte has developed a multitude of styles and techniques which are used to serve the community and individuals through visual stimulus that facilitate psychological understanding and spiritual growth.


Through painting large scale murals Matte began to realize the ways in which art affects communities and the individuals within those communities. This practice eventually lead to the facilitation of community participatory art projects mainly through public murals created by various groups and subcultures within the communities. 


This practice of group art making lead to Matte being an art teacher/facilitator in the federal prison system primarily at ADX Florence, The Alcatraz of the Rockies” the most highly secured prison in the United States. Through years of teaching self expression and creating art along side inmates at such a highly secured level of imprisonment Matte was given first hand access to the stories and characteristics of some of the most notorious individuals in history. It was through making art with these individuals that Matte fully realized that art can be an incredibly powerful catalyst for changing the path of ones life by changing personal narratives. Through the creative process we gain access to the deep recesses of our minds, the shadows, where we often store away the aspects of ourselves which are creating disease and unrest. 


In 2021 Matte created “The Depths” which uses art, introspection, communication skills, and various other techniques to guide the participants through a series of steps and procedures that aim to provide tools to explore and understand the deeper darker parts of ourselves which often remain hidden and suppressed. 


Matte currently works and lives in the southwestern United States moving around often to learn more, share more, create more, and heal more. His primary focus is to reduce and remove systems of restraint though the application of creative principals and the healing of trauma through the arts. 


To participate in “The Depths” program visit the various pages of this website to view the different levels and techniques which may serve you best. 


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