Multi Media, multi dimensional, multi disciplinary, incarnated, vessel for creation……… Matte Refic


Birthed inter-dimensional, space and time intersectionality, light bodies armored, walls are where the wars take place, forms meets functions, the fate of the universe at stake.  Beware information overload,  invisible war declared.  


Ten rotations of the Sun, initialized, pressurized rattling cans emerged as the technological tool of choice. Eons of training, this pinnacle. Warrior body, alchemists mind, wizards work, angels in command, prepared for the task at hand, the deconstruction of prison planets infrastructure. 


Earth overcome by cages and shackles, visible, invisible, unrecognized, real, imaginary. The adversary unknown, internal affairs, glimpses offered in moments of inspiration. 


Rediscovering memories, human self expression formulates the undoing, freeing of minds through opposing repression, standing with oppression. Self imposed, regulated, invisible chains bind the inhabitants between walls without knowing the extent of their reach. Conformity is chaos inverted, layer one of the prison planet. Freedom is an illusion, the holographic false reward system, nuclear powered, a slave class system, to be dissolved, our potential magic of making things out of nothing, to be defended, a reminder, that now is this time. 


Cells divided into billions of individual cells, collective, collecting, formed unity, becoming one, the forces emerging. Microcosm…..transformed…. Macrocosm.  


Individuals become one, community, aimed to dissolve the solid walls containing us. Voices amplified to reach the end of universes, the inner seat awaits, this waiting to plug into the amplification. 


Energy processed. Transmutations become the primary employers dream situation, self starter, self employed, self engaged, self taught…..Mastery. 


The gathering and spreading of knowledge. To teach is to work, the stories evolve, the freedom class emerges, victorious. Slavery, modern, voluntarily, the illusion of choice, a cruel joke. Infrastructures collapse under pressure. 


The mission crystalized, free the oppressed, adjust the frequency, the ascension rituals are under way and for those not willing to arise to the occasion, will find the invisible prison walls,  home eternal. 


Thus this work.


Matte Refic 


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